Level Up was originally created to address multiple problems that are common in local communities across the nation.  These problems include poverty, economic decline, substance abuse/addiction, social capital decline, student debt, and many others.  It would be a monumental task to try to address all of these problems effectively which is why the Level Up logic model and theory of change is designed to bring all aspects of our communities together to address specific local problems. We cannot solve these problems alone but we can together!

A healthy local economy has been the engine that has propelled the “American Dream” since the founding our great nation.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over the past 40 years we have seen a decline in entrepreneurship.

While there are many different reasons for this decline, we have chosen this problem as one of the centerpieces of our mission.  We believe that by encouraging business enterprise through our Small Business Development Initiative that we can contribute to the solution of many common problems found local communities. See our Theory of Change below.

By bringing together mentors, successful business owners, houses of worship, and municipalities we will inspire innovation, educate individuals, incubate new ventures, and improve the state of communities in decline.

For Additional Information

For additional information about what we do and how you can get involved please email us at info@mylevelup.life.


Annual Report 2018 (Available Soon)