What is Level Up?

LevelUp is a non-profit organization that is designed to improve communities by promoting entrepreneurship. Our mission (see “What We Do”) is to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with tools for success through an immersive learn-by-doing program.¬† Because LevelUP is a community-focused organization, we draw from local resources such as successful businesses owners, skilled professional mentors, religious leaders, and other community leaders to contribute to the success of the local economy.

Vision & Mission

Level Up envisions the development of a system that immerses students into a real-world business experience. This “Learn-by-Doing” system is designed to empower young entrepreneurs to create and pursue their own future opportunities.¬† We aspire to engage the local community to empower all people, regardless of background, to pursue the highest level of personal and professional success.

Goals for 2018

Level Up plans to award academic scholarships, business startup packages, establish annual fundraising events in multiple states, and begin the process of developing a comprehensive “learn-by-doing” entrepreneurship development program that can be implemented nationwide. Our list of causes and events is growing and will be updated frequently.

Below is a listing of our causes and events.

Upcoming events

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